“For the Lord of hosts has purposed and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out and who will turn it back? – (Isaiah 14:27 NASV)

God has a plan for each of our lives, there is no greater plan then the Lord’s. He created us not only for relationship with Him but for purpose. We have a divine destiny to fulfill in our lives and that purpose, that destiny is Kingdom based. There are many snares and traps the enemy tries to place in our path to get us off course and out of the Lord’s perfect Will.  The Good News though is that God will use all things to work together for our good.  What the enemy meant for our harm God will not only use for our good but for the good of His Kingdom. We will come out of the hardships and trials with a testimony of God’s goodness and how He used it all for our good. I have seen this in my own life, in more ways then one. I should not even be here, I should of been dead along time ago – BUT God.  I have seen and continue to see the Holy Spirit working all things for my good.  I am seeing Him turn my mourning into joy and give me beauty for ashes. 
There is nothing this world can offer that can remotely compare to what the Father has for us.  When we really know who we are in Christ and that as sons and daughters of God we are so loved and loved by a perfect Father, we can trust his plan. You have purpose and a destiny, do not let go of the vision that God has placed in your heart. He never promised the journey would be easy, but He did promise that it would be above and beyond what you could ask, think, hope or imagine.

Prayer of Worship
Father, we thank You for loving us and creating us for relationship and purpose. We thank you that you are with us every step of this journey, and that You who began a good work in us will bring it into completion. God we ask that you keep us on the narrow path so that we would not get off course or lag behind.  If we have God thank You that time belongs to You and You can catch us up. We worship You and You alone. In Jesus name, Amen.
Enter into Worship

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