Bloom Where You Are Planted

I have been meditating a lot these past few weeks, preparing my mind, body and soul for the tasks that lay ahead this year. I was up one morning until about 5 am just listening to my Father on some matters. When I finally went to sleep, I rested well as I received clarity on some matters that were on my heart. When I woke up the following morning and checked my social media newsfeed, a picture of an almond tree was the first thing I saw — it made my baby leap. Seeing this brought such confirmation, here is why.

While I was traveling a few weeks back for my “me-cation,” I had a layover in Dallas, TX on my way to Arizona. This vacation was to spend time with a very good friend and to also spend some time alone as I needed some time with just the good Lord and me. While I was sitting at my gate, just thinking on the visions and goals that my Father had set in my heart, a very nice and well-groomed gentleman initiated a conversation with me. At the time it seemed so random, but as the conversation progressed I learned that his 94-year-old father owned an almond farm in California, and he shared stories about his tenacity and his Father’s ability to do things differently. We talked until it was time for my departure flight. We exchanged goodbyes. I wished him well and thanked him for sharing his life and family. He complimented me on being gracious and kind. I boarded my flight thinking that conversation was so random but inspiring. Little did I know I was being set up.

Later that week as I was studying for my teaching for Bible Study, I learned that we had crossed over into the season of new trees on our Father’s calendar. I learned that the saps within the almond trees were rising to feed the new blooms, and the new growth on the branches. I also learned that there are two varieties of almonds, bitter and sweet. That’s when I realized that my Father was giving us divine revelation. Having lost our connection to the land, sometimes the biblical symbolism of certain agricultural meanings is lost to us. We can’t afford to miss it now. The blossoming of the almond tree is important to the prophetic timing of God’s word and God’s strength and His power to bring it to pass. You see Jeremiah 1: 11 – 12 says, “The Lord asked Jeremiah, What do you see? Jeremiah’s response is, “I see the branch of an almond tree.” God returns, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” The almond tree may flower as early as late January or early February; it is sometimes possible to find almond flowers with snow. You see it’s not easy to blossom when it is still winter and face the risks of harsh weather. The almond tree is a courageous fruit whose toughness is its secret of survival — it may not be the strongest or tallest of trees, but it has guts to be woke in a time it should be sleep. The almond tree does not produce a single blossom but produces many blossoms…quickly. The message of the “almond tree” carries a strong encouragement for you and I. Its time for us to awaken within us the amazing possibilities and opportunities that lies ahead. Just as the prophet Jeremiah was awakened to the new calling on his life, we must awaken to our Father’s faithfulness. The almond blossom is the first to show signs of bearing fruit. He is ready for us to engage the plan and be willing to shift, separate, untie, and throw out so that we can bear much fruit. Therefore, He is calling each of us to be bold, courageous.

He has called you to be the first in your family to start a business, to get a degree, to be in a loving and committed relationship for a lifetime, to buy a home, to abstain and set yourself aside for your mate, to live a fulfilled and abounding life. He is calling you out of old relationships and soul ties that will shake the foundation of your very being so that you can experience greater. 

But you must know that as a leader, you must be the first to go forth.

I know it’s easy to get comfortable in old pathologies, habits and traditions. You get use to being in those circles that make you feel warm and cozy, you get use to drinking that same water with that same great taste, but in that place of comfort you are not growing or being nourished. 

He is calling you out, so that you can bloom, fly to new heights and experience deeper depths…quickly. You can’t be concerned about your external conditions as He has promised that He will watch over His Word with you as you bloom.

Our Father is watching and on ready to perform His promises. Even in your weaknesses, frailties and flaws, His eyes are always upon you ready to promote a growth that will make you, your family, your community and your nation fruitful! He is ready to plant you, nourish you so that you may bloom into the fullness of your beautiful glory for all the world to see. This is a beautiful season of new and you can surely experience it, but here is the caveat, “Are you ready to bloom where He plants you“?


Contributed by: Pastor Yolanda Douthit

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2 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. A some Right on ! I was praying about some things also in my own life. Thank you for the confirmation now I can move forward with the Lord

    1. Charlene,

      So overjoyed that you were able to receive a Word that will propel you and transplant you to your divine place of purpose. My prayer for you, is that you move forward in Our Father’s grace that His beauty shine thru you as you radiate the majesty of His glory to bloom. Peace and blessings unto you!

      Pastor Yolanda

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