Unexpected Turnaround


“They were childless because Elizabeth was not able to conceive.” Luke 1:7


Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, didn’t think that they would ever conceive and this greatly troubled them. In ancient time, it was believed that it was a curse to be childless. They probably wondered why they had not been blessed to become parents, or thought they had done something wrong and were being punished by God. When we encounter unexplained struggles it often leads us to question ourselves and even God. We can understand why we fail a class when we failed to complete the assignments, or why we lose a job when we have not met our goals. But when we think that we have done our best or have done everything in our power to do what’s right, the lingering “Why?” adds confusion to our sadness. When Zechariah encountered the angel of the Lord as he was working in the temple, he did not hear an explanation as to why he and Elizabeth had been disappointed, he was simply given the word that Elizabeth would become pregnant with a son, who was to be named John. God’s plans is to bring what everyone in the whole world needs and He brought this confirmation thru his son, Christ. When the Spirit of God comes near, his presence will turn a situation around. Zechariah’s sadness ended in a surprising way as God prepared for the coming of the promised Messiah thru John. Our Father’s presence has the ability to  bring surprising blessings to situations that may seem hopeless.


Thank you Father for turning around my pain and hopelessness and working it for my good and your Glory. Amen.



Contributed by: Pastor Yolanda Douthit

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