Actually That’s Not Bible

The Bible is not merely a collection of quotes or one-liners, it is literally the infallible inerrant Words of God. However, many Believers misunderstand, misquote or misuse verses in the Bible. They often use popular cliches or truisms as Scripture. The Word is designed to express the covenant love and the strategic plan of God to bring Zion back into righteous relationship with Him and to bring the manifold Glory of His presence to earth thru His creation, and it should be held sacred and studied to ensure that the author-intended context is conveyed properly to the hearers. His Word is designed “to not return void,” its set up to accomplish “what HE set it out to do.” But so many say things in the improper context or repeat things without truly knowing if it’s actually Bible. The Douthit’s in the next 9 weeks in The Sanctuary Bible Study will tackle the “lack of knowledge” of the Word and will take the most misused, misquoted verses to ‚Äústudy and show “#ActuallyThatsNotBible.