Beautiful Within

Devotional Scripture
“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” – Song of Solomon 4:7
We are our first and worst critic. We pick at things we see in the mirror that we don’t like. We point our flaws to friends who didn’t even notice. We compare ourselves to others. We allow ourselves to become insecure by looking at the outer appearance meanwhile, neglecting what really matters within. We’re taught that being physically beautiful will get you places. Society doesn’t tell you that beauty starts from within. That it takes inner work to accept who you are and to accept your mistakes. It takes work to improve the way you think, the way your carry yourself, the way you speak and how you treat other’s. You can change your outer appearance as much as you like but you can still be an empty vessel much like a golden apple that’s rotten inside.
The only way to be beautiful from within is to allow God’s presence to reside. You have to allow Him to do His perfect work. The more you seek Him the more you become gentle, calm, and pleasant. We are all sinners, no sin is worse than the next and we all have a chance to allow our beauty, not our sin, to shine from within our imperfections.Your flaws are what makes you different, your decision to grow from your flaws is what develops your character. And despite all of this, our Father still loves us in our sin and sees us as beautiful in His eyes. He sees what we can become when we allow Him to breathe His beautiful breath of life into us. Let Him breath into you so that you can be beautiful within.

Kristina Cousar is a woman of many talents. The New York native is a mother of 3 who has faced a lot challenges and road blocks but it made her stronger by becoming a Covenant Partner and a Mentee. Kristina has been able to put fear behind her and she is now a Certified Chef and that’s only the beginning. She desires to be an example not only to single mothers but to anyone who is feeling hopeless.

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