Be Grateful

Today I choose to be grateful. This past week was a challenging week. We hit so many road blocks and hinderances — our joy was tested. But I refused to let go of my joy. And today on the first day of the new week, I am affirming that I am grateful for every situation I faced. I will have a grateful attitude because I choose to focus on my blessings rather than on my problems and constraints. No matter how dark the day may get and the rain falls, I embrace thankfulness.

I am grateful because when the rain comes it brings forth new life into the earth. In the same way, the challenges I face may seem overwhelming, but those trials work for my good.

In any situation I face, I rejoice, because I know that joy will come in the morning. I trust that my life is in the hands of my Almighty Father, and as the trials come, so will the solutions. I feel honored when I think that my Father believes I am strong enough to handle the challenges that I face.

I will walk in humility which allows me to be grateful. Sometimes, it may seem that my blessings are the result of my hard work or that I am entitled to them. However, in reality, it’s only by God’s grace and mercy that I am blessed.

I cultivate gratitude within myself because there are people worse off than me, and regardless of what happens, compassion for others always helps me remember my many blessings.

I choose to be content in whatever circumstances I may find myself, because I know that a Godly outlook can soothe a difficult situation, but an attitude of complaint only makes things more challenging. I give thanks in everything because I am truly blessed.

Today, I challenge you to be affirm your Spirit to be grateful.


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