Bitter, Uproot It!

Worship Meditation Scripture: Ephesians 4

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” — Ephesians 4:31

In this life we will find ourselves in situations that will make us angry. It is what we do next that makes a difference. Bitterness is a resentful attitude that is a product of anger that has not been dealt with, and the enemy works really hard to get a foothold in our lives with bitterness. It can be so subtle too, that is why we have to be aware of when we feel even the slightest offense. We must address the areas that we are hurting and then do what this verse says, just get rid of it. We have to take bitterness, rage, anger, fighting, gossiping, and malice and ill will and treat it as garbage in our house — take it to the trash. We cannot hold on to it. When we are bitter it begins to rot ad stink and then eventually we are tipping over into malicious thoughts. Malice points to a cruel, harsh thought that desires something bad or even injury on another. And if we could really see how toxic bitterness and malice is we would get down on our knees and not get up till we had repented and turned from all of it. God wants us to be imitators of Jesus. If anyone had reason to be bitter it was our Lord. Yet, He responded in love over and over and over. Life is too short and our time here is to precious to waste it on being offended. If you know in your heart the purpose of the enemy is to get you angry and bitter then you already have an understanding that it is going to not only hurt you but others . We are called to love, this isn’t something we do with one person and not the other. We are called to love even our enemies. Let it go. Forgive. It is a choice and God will help you if you just ask Him. We cannot walk in the fullness of joy, fellowship with God and hang on to any part of bitterness. He wants you free, and today is the day. Time to let it go. Release that bitter root today and taste of the sweetness of mercy and love.

Prayer of Worship

Father in the name Jesus we ask that you search our hearts. If we have any bitterness, anger or wrong attitude toward others please expose that to us. Help us to walk in love with everyone and to be at peace with others as much as we are able to. Father God, help us to trade our anger for compassion, our bitterness for forgiveness, our malice for love. Help me live the way You would have me live, in Jesus’ Name.

Enter into Worship

Brandon Heath: “I’m Not Who I Was”

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