Ministry Focus

As a Body it is important that we have clear vision as to where we are headed. In 2015 we declared it the “Year of Kingdom Advancement.” We were issued a six kingdom mandates: grace, strategy, influence, dominion, expansion and glory.  Then entered into 2016, with a divine word that “Yes, we can and yes we will do great things in 2016!” We learned in 2016 thru sound teaching that we are innovators called to be influencers, pioneers, bridge builders, status quo shakers and ceiling crushers to advance Kingdom Purposes! So as we leave 2016 with our Seven Swords and Seven Angels we declare 2017 the “Year of Victory”  — victory over our pathologies and cycles that don’t serve our higher purpose, victory over stagnant mindsets, victory over generational strongholds and victory over sickness, disease and infirmities in order to dedicate all our life energy to benefiting the Kingdom.

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