A Dedicated Life is an Illuminated Life

Devotional Scriptures: Luke 2:36-38

 Luke 2:37 says, “She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying.” Prophetess Anna was that type of believer. 

Much is not told of Prophetess Anna in Luke other than: She is a woman. She is a prophetess. She is the daughter of Phanuel. As both Anna and her father have Biblical names, it can be deduced that she comes from a godly heritage. Anna inherits a spiritual legacy and builds upon it. She is from the lost northern tribe of Asher. She is elderly. Anna is at least 84 which shows that one is never too old to ser00ve or experience God in dramatic fashion. In Anna’s case, her greatest contribution comes at the end of her life. She is a widow. Tragically, Anna’s husband died just seven years into their marriage (Luke 2:37). She presumably had no children and chose not to remarry. Instead, she devoted herself to God. She shows that when faced with tragedy, one has the choice to move closer or farther away from God. Instead of getting bitter, Anna got better. Anna—what an interesting woman! She served the Lord and ministered to the Lord with fasting and prayer night and day. The word ministered is often exchanged with the word serve, what an unusual idea for a woman to minister to the Lord in prayer and fasting. Luke makes it clear that Anna never leaves the temple. Perhaps her devotion and expectation is why she never leaves the temple. Whatever her reasons, she is a fixture at the temple. Depending upon one’s perspective, Anna is living a life of worship or is a religious fanatic. Either way, Anna has found her niche. Luke stresses Anna’s age and single minded devotion. Anna does not lead a very complicated life. She never goes anywhere. Her singular focus is the service and worship of God. She is part of the remnant that is still actively seeking the Messiah. Anna is a throwback to a bygone era whose unwavering faith is likely as rare as being from her long lost tribe. We have no sense that Anna is impoverished, anxious or desperate, she seems to be yearning for something that is not practical at all. And at the same time that Simeon notice the Messiah, someone, a widow, without a title or position takes notice as well. And although Anna could not go into the Holy of Holies as the priests of her times, she was afforded the opportunity to see the “Light of the World” through dimly lit eyes that were illuminated from a life dedicated to the vision. Her dedicated life allowed this visionary to recognize the Savior in Spirit and in Truth. 

Prayer of Motivation

Prayer Lord, open my eyes to see your salvation today. I commit my life to be of worship to you so that I may be encouraged as I wait for your Vision to be fulfilled. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


Contributed by: Pastor Yolanda Douthit


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