Don’t Fear the Transition

Where is God when we go through the transitions in our lives? The Good News is that we can experience God in the transitions. This is God’s Word to Joshua and the people of Israel as they were about to make a some major transitions. There was the leadership transition from Moses to Joshua, the geographical transition from the wilderness to the promised land. Moses’ assignment at this point in his life and ministry was to prepare this generation for the major transitions they were about to experience. God’s Word to Joshua and the people of Israel as they are about to make some major transitions consisted of some commands and some promises. He told them to be strong, courageous, do no fear or dread the enemy but know that the Lord is with them and will never leave or forsake them.

I think that too often we rely on our own strength when things get tough or uncomfortable. We get stressed because we cannot always achieve what we desire. But when we involve the Lord, we get inner strength by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It gives us a spirit of boldness that handles situations that we could not handle in our own strength.  The Lord stands by us and He supports us by filling us with a peace that goes beyond our understanding. God is the God who is there.  He is Lord in the transitions.  When we walk through times of transition in our lives, He is right there with us walking along side us through the transitions. He is going before us.  He gives us the strength and the courage to face them without fear and without being dismayed or overwhelmed. He sustains us by His presence and He encourages us by His promises  He assures us of His love for us through Christ and the cross and He empowers us by His Spirit to crossover to a new place of destiny.

Contributed by Pastor Yolanda Douthit

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