Don’t You Get It, It’s ALREADY Done!

“Then Samuel took Saul and his servant and brought them into the hall [at the high place] and gave them a place [to sit] at the head of the persons—about thirty men—who were invited [while the rest ate outside]. Samuel said to the cook, “Bring the [priests’] portion that I gave you, regarding which I told you, ‘Set it aside.’ ” Then the cook lifted up the leg (thigh) with the meat that was on it [indicating that it was the priest’s honored portion] and placed it before Saul. Samuel said, “Here is what has been reserved [for you]. Set it before you and eat, because it has been kept for you until the appointed time, ever since I invited the people.” So Saul ate with Samuel that day. When they came down from the high place into the city, Samuel spoke with Saul on the roof [of his house].” 1 Samuel 9:22-25 AMP
At this particular time the Israelites has just rejected God, they insisted on being like everyone else. They wanted a King, everyone else had one. Though God was God He wasn’t tangible enough for them. They wanted someone to govern over them, they wanted a king who would go before them, guide them and fight their battles. Though they had experienced God’s true grace and mercy, they’d grown weary and impatient with the process. Like the Israelites I too have grown weary in the process. Facing trial after trial. Everyday more and more bad news. The facts are that life sometimes can and will wear you out. We find ourselves asking “God where are you?” In this particular passage of scripture Paul is at a table with Samuel and others who were considered noble. People honored them in the community. Funny thing is that before the meal, he was merely a man set out to find his father’s lost donkey. You see Saul wandered out on a journey to find what he’d lost. Never did he imagine that the journey he’d wandered along would lead him to a man that would help him walk into destiny.
I believe that in all our lives we have all wandered out searching for what we’ve lost. Sometimes that wandering can lead us down dark and lonely paths; and other times it leads us into submission. When I finally decided I was going to give my life to Christ completely; I never would have imagined that the journey would lead me to what I now call “my walk to fulfill purpose.” At the beginning of this walk there was a fierce desire to please God. There was an eagerness to pursue everything that was mine. Surely enough all of that turned into an overwhelming sense of grief. It became a burden. I wondered if my wandering had a purpose. I questioned was it leading me anywhere. Throughout Saul’s journey he too had become weary. In fact, Saul had become extremely aware of how long it was taking to find what he was looking for that he suggested that he and his servant just go back home. (1 Samuel 9:5) It was his servant that suggested that he go out and find the prophet Samuel who could help him find what he was looking for, little did he know that God had already began to speak to Samuel. He’d already given him instructions on what to do once Saul came to him. You see Saul had no idea what he was walking into; God had already prepared his footsteps. He’d already mapped out his future and prepared a table where he was the guest of honor.
We don’t always know the plan. We forget that He’s the one with the plan. Most of the time we feel as though the journey that we are wandering will lead us nowhere. It’s in the very moments we’ve grown weary and resentful that our Father places servants in our paths to remind us that there is someone ahead who can help us find what we’ve lost. They remind us not to give up. They reassure us that though it doesn’t feel good everything that we’ve hoped for has already been done. They remind us that though the tides haven’t turned and our feelings say otherwise that God is still God.
When Saul finally met Samuel I’m sure he wanted to ask about his father’s donkeys. Instead Samuel asked him “who does all of Israel desire but you and your fathers’ family?” (1 Samuel 9: 20) So you see though we’ve set out to find what we’ve lost; God has a plan of His very own. The part of the journey we are on may or may not make sense, but I believe God is somewhere speaking to someone about the plans that He has for you and me. I believe like in this Scripture, there is a table and a meal that has been set aside for us. There is a chair at the head of that table, a place of honor for you. The journey may not make sense now but when we have people like Saul’s servant to remind us that there is someone like Samuel who stands at the doorway ready to walk us to the table. It’s then all the trials along the way start to make a little bit more sense.
Father God, we give You thanks for the tables that you’re preparing. Most of all God we honor You for walking with us through the journey. Lord, we thank You for the times we wander and even when we get lost. Father, we have come to understand God, that all that wander aren’t lost because it is when we wander God that we find You. Lord God, You’re worthy of all our praise and our worship. You make the crooked way straight, and You make everything that seems too dark bright again. God we honor Your faithfulness and Your mercies. We give You thanks in Your son Jesus’s Name! Amen.

Contributed by – Tashanta Ford (Shani)
In the midst of my pain I found a God who fiercely sought after me. In 2017 I was in a broken place lost, living without purpose, and wanting to be found. Through the love of God I was able to find a peace that would change a rebel into a righteous women. I am from California, but currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Now walking a path to help change people perspectives on what it means to walk in Gods grace. I believe since I was able to find happiness, and true joy that everyone I encounter should and can find it too. Through The Sanctuary I have been able to grow in my walk while pursing the life that God has called me to.

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