Enter The Tabernacle

The Sanctuary is a very unique place. It was birthed our of Pastor Yolanda in a time when all she felt was pain and in need  of a place of refuge to gain real truth, wisdom and knowledge. And the same truth, wisdom and knowledge that freed her is freely given in a very exceptional way.
The Sanctuary meets in fellowship with other believers to worship in Spirit and in Truth. To join us in our Virtual Tabernacle all you need is a computer, phone or mobile device to meet with us virtually by our website or social media.  Pastor Yolanda and covenant partners from North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, New York to Australia meet in the Virtual Tabernacle to fellowship, grow and learn. You can also listen to a teaching from Pastor Yolanda in our archives.

Any place at any time, can be your Sanctuary. You can join thru your desktop, tablet or phone. When you enter The Tabernacle you’ll be able to interact with Bro. Monte and Pastor Yolanda and covenant partners from New York to Australia via video or phone. It’s easy and convenient but most importantly it’s uplifting, inspiring and it gives life, abundantly. Enter into The Virtual Tabernacle below during one of our scheduled worship meetings or listen to a teaching by Pastor YolandaEnter into worship for an interactive worship experience thru your computer, mobile device (phone, tablet or iPad). Details below on how to join thru your device.
◉ To enter the tabernacle thru your computer enter your name, email address, and then select enter below.
◉ To enter thru your IPad or mobile device download ClickMeeting and enter access id 879-884-939. 
◉ You can also join us in worship through your phone, dial (267) 279-9000 AC: 795295#. 
◉ Join us via Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.
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Watch the replay of our dynamic worship services on YouTube