Esther’s 3 Days Of Fasting & Prayer in Scripture

The fourth chapter of Esther recounts a pivotal exchange between Mordechai and Esther. The King and Haman have just issued a decree to wipe out all of the Jews, and the nation is engaged in a collective fast. Mordechai informs Esther about the decree and tells her that she must go to the King and beg for his mercy for her people.

The thing is, walking into the King’s court unannounced is no simple task… it can be grounds for execution.

In order to build up her confidence and strength, Esther asks the Israelites to fast for three days and nights on her behalf. Come what may, she will go to the King and try to intercede for her people.

These three days of fasting were a national rallying cry for salvation. The whole nation was united behind Esther, and God indeed answered their prayers. Achashverosh happily welcomed Esther when she appeared before him, and this set into motion the events that would bring down Haman and thwart his evil plot against the Israelites.

How are we fasting?

As Believers, we are engaged in spiritual warfare against an enemy that is strong, but as strong as our enemy is, God is more powerful. We can experience spiritual victory when we depend upon God to fight on our behalf. One of the weapons God has given us to engage in spiritual warfare is the discipline of fasting. We will corporately fast by fasting as Queen Esther to protect us from the strategies and schemes that will try to hinder us as heaven meets earth in 2020.

Esther's Fast in 2020 will begin on January 22, thru January 31. The Fast of Esther starts at dawn and end at nightfall of that same day for 10 days.

The Esther is observed by refraining from eating and drinking (if you are able to) for the duration of the fast – from dawn until nightfall.

*There is more leniency regarding conditions under which people may be exempt from fasting in this manner for pregnancy, nursing, or someone who is ill.*


Ask Yourself Why You're Fasting

  • For whom do you intend to fast for spiritual protection?
  • How significant is the spiritual attack? Who is fasting with you in this matter?
  • What specific problem are you hoping to address in the Esther Fast? Be as specific as possible in expressing your purpose in fasting.
  • Are you willing to abstain from this fast if God makes it clear your problem is not related to spiritual warfare? What would it take to convince you God wants you to consider other possibilities?
  • As you begin fasting, what will be the character of this fast? From what foods are you abstaining?
  • When will you begin and end this fast? How often do you intend to repeat this fast?

Fasting Guidelines

Intermittent Fasting

  • Intermittent fasting from sunrise to sunset for 10 consecutive days. (From dusk to dawn)
  • After sundown you are allowed to eat food such as chicken, beef, fish, turkey, fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink herbal tea, 100% juice and water.
  • No sweets and sugar. No shrimp. No pork. No lobster. No crab. (No shellfish.)
  • During the day you are allowed to drink water, juice and teas if necessary.

Fasting with Prayer

While the disciples experienced many successes in their public ministry with Christ, on at least one occasion, they encountered an individual with a spiritual problem they were unable to resolve. Recognizing the unmet need in the life of a family, Jesus stepped in to rescue the situation. He cast out a demon and restored a young boy to his right mind. Puzzled and confused, the disciples wondered why they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to do the same. Jesus responded, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29).

We will use 10 Day Praying with Purpose journal for each day of the fast. The “10 Day Praying with Purpose Prayer Journal” will teach us the pertinent pointers on the what, when, how and where to pray! This tool will empower and equip us. You can obtain your copy at The Sanctuary Stockroom below.



Praying with Purpose Journal