Stay abreast of the service and times that we worship in The Sanctuary. We would love for you to join us in The Sanctuary’s Virtual Tabernacle. It is your place of refuge, at anytime and anyplace. Details below on all of our life changing events.

Join Pastor Yolanda and covenant partners from around the globe in our Virtual Tabernacle for teaching that will transform your life. Your invited to join us. It will be an exceptional time of fellowship and learning in a “Place of Refuge.” You can enter The Sanctuary thru your computer, tablet, or phone by entering The Tabernacle.

Pastor Yolanda believes in the power of prayer and she created this resource to help you build a purposeful, productive and fruitful prayer life. This resource examines the Word to teach you how to have a powerful prayer life It also provides a journal to help you be accountable to this purposeful process. The 10 Day Praying with Purpose Journal is also used as a tool in my “Empowerment and Mentoring” Program, she walks this amazing journey with you. If you would like to take this journey with me visit, Yolanda Douthit Empowerment and Mentoring to find out more about the mentorship program. Order here.

Sharing Our Prayers is an inspirational collaborative book that I co-authored with visionary author, Shani McIlwain and 10 other authors. It is an empowering anthology grounded on a single theme: the power of prayer. We each share intimate conversations we have had and continue to have with God as we overcome enormous obstacles, confess wrongdoings done by and unto us while claiming well-deserved victories. Learn more about my journey in #SharingOurPrayers at to order your copy. It will impact your life.

You don’t want to miss this experience in 2020. The fellowship and harmony that flowed with other like minded Believers in 2019 that brought a peace and harmony that is still being felt today! This will be the time the The Sanctuary Ministries covenant partners in the various states were invited to gather in one location to celebrate the Holy Season. We gather from the four corners of the earth to take part in a day long life giving learning sessions for adults and children on the Biblical Feast. We hope that you join us in 2020 for this  EPIC and life giving event. Visit here for more information.