Calendar of Events

Stay abreast of the service and times that we worship in The Sanctuary with our handy #SanctuarySchedule. You can download directly to your phone to stay up to date on all of our worship times. We would love for you to join us in The Sanctuary’s Virtual Tabernacle. It is your place of refuge, at anytime and anyplace.

Fasting for Influence

We are excited about our upcoming annual Corporate Fast. Partners we hope that you will take this time of consecration with us as each year we see and hear many testimonies as a result of this set apart time. We are preparing ourselves to fast for the John the Baptist Fasting For Influence on sundown January 16. 2018 for 21 Days. The particulars of the fast have been sent to each Partner and Friend of The Sanctuary, please check your inboxes. We as Spirit Age Believers have these two obligations: to live godly lives and to extend our influence to others for the glory of God. As Believers we are commanded to be a witness and testimony to others: “You are the light of the world (Matt. 5:14). With this fast we will do more than merely abstain from food. We will pray, separate ourselves unto God, respond wholeheartedly to God with a commitment to testify for Christ with our entire being, be a witness in our actions so that our “Life Will be of Influence.”

***Covenant Partners we will start the fast with a Meeting of the Partners. The purpose of the meeting is to bring the Body into #unitywith prayer and fellowship; where there is #unitythere are commanded blessings. Please check your email for the meeting invite which contains the date, time and location information.****