I’m Favored

Devotional Scripture
 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. – Psalm 90:17 17
When we are open to God’s working in and through our lives, we are like a blank page on which He writes His poetry, an empty canvas on which He works his artistry, softened clay with which He molds our earthen vessel to be used by Him.

Perhaps the right combination to achieve this alignment is found in a portion of openheartedness, intuitiveness  and illumination. When our hearts and minds are equally devoted to the God of infinite wisdom than we can understand just how our lives are meant to serve to the Kingdom. And He will lean in our direction to see it unfold. 

When I was diligently searching the means to which I could live out my divine purpose, I often ask Christ to make me brave, humble, compassionate, pure, loving and open to do what He has shown me. To give me favor to see my passion be serve out in a pleasing manner to God. Today ask the Father to open your heart and bring illumination through His Word to all that He can do in your life and then look forward with sure hope that it shall be done.

Devotional Prayer
Father God may your grace and mercy continues to shine upon my life as I walk down this path that was predestined for me. Allow my eyes, ears, mind and heart to open in order to receive the knowledge that falls at my feet. Continue to breathe life into me as I do the work. May the Holy Spirit shield the attacks of my thoughts. May favor take toll over my life as my character is being put to shame by those who don’t want me to prosper. Amen 

Kristina Cousar is a woman of many talents. The New York native is a mother of 3 who has faced a lot challenges and road blocks but it made her stronger by becoming a Covenant Partner and a Mentee. Kristina has been able to put fear behind her and she is now a Certified Chef and that’s only the beginning. She desires to be an example not only to single mothers but to anyone who is feeling hopeless.

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