Living Doubled-Minded


“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” – James 4:8


What is double-minded? I researched this because I wanted the correct definition of the term double-minded. I learned that it is from the Greek word “disuchos” meaning, “a person with two minds or souls.” I was curious to see where this word appears in the Bible and I discovered that it only appears in the book of James; James 1:8 and 4:8.  I found that a double-minded person is restless and confused in his/her thoughts, actions, and behavior; a person that is double-minded is always in conflict with him/herself. We have to choose which way we want to go or be. Either we are going to be certain of what we are or we are going to be double-minded and confused. We can’t live two lives. We can only live one because eventually the other life will catch up with us. I have tried living behind a mask for years and I was in hell and much of my life was a mess. I was so confused as I was trying to put on a show for people and  living unrighteous. I knew if I wanted to get out of the pit, I needed to confess and get rid of soul ties that had me in bondage. I tried to love both and it created in me an unstable spirit. Nothing was going good but I was blinded into thinking everything that felt wrong felt so right, but that’s what Satan wants us to feel. I realized that God was not going to grant His blessings upon me living a double-minded and confused life. I had to come to a spiritual reality and understand that I could not serve two masters. Either I will hate one and love the other, or I will be devoted to one and despise the other. God and things of this world have such opposite natures that it’s impossible to love either one completely without hating the other. So I have had to make a choice and my choice is to live RIGHTeous. I am ready to surrender, how about you? It’s the only way to live in peace!


God I come before You to rebuke every spirit that would attempt to distort, disturb, or disintegrate the development of any personality outside of the personality that You created me with. I break all curses of schizophrenia and double-mindedness on family, my friends, and me. I bind and take authority over the strongmen of rejection and rebellion and I ask that you separate them. I cast out all spirits of rejection, fear of rejection, and self-rejection in the Name of Jesus. I cast out all spirits of lust, fantasy lust, harlotry, and perverseness. I cast out all spirits of self-accusation, compulsive confession, and fear of judgment. I bind and cast out all spirits of depression, despondency, despair, discouragement, and hopelessness. In Jesus name Amen, our mindsets are one with You.


I’m Still Holding On – The Barnes Sisters


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Contributed by: Norell Porter

Norell raised in Ft. Lauderdale, is now a resident of Georgia. She is a dedicated wife, the dutiful mother of four children, and a successful entrepreneur of Family First Coding Specialist. She is a covenant partner of The Sanctuary and is our Minister of Giving. She is ambitious outgoing, and she takes great pleasure in giving and helping others succeed in life. If this devotional has fed your soul, please share with your friends and family. Click the social share button or leave a comment in the box below for Norell.

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