New Beginnings


In this month of April, we are approaching a season of destiny, redemption hope, and power. I believe this is a significant timing as we “end” a season with joy and victory and we’re “freed” to cross over into our destiny. In the Bible, during the month of our April, was a very important time.

During this time the Passover was celebrated, a new ecclesiastical year began and our Lord and Savior made His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. He was the final fulfillment of Passover which concludes with the Passover Lamb being taken down from a cross and laid in the tomb of a rich man. But you must remember Jesus orchestrated his capture, which led to his death and resurrection. The timing of this event was not in the best. It would be the worst of times to have this entire “drama” going on, when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims would be making their way into Jerusalem. It is important to note that Jesus was calling the shots and the timing of this event was not a coincidence! Jesus prearranged to present himself as King, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. This was the same day that Jewish families were arranging to purchase their “Passover” lambs—those that were without spot or blemish. Jesus knew His purpose and He was destined to fulfill it because it was going to bring glory to the Kingdom. The places, the situation and the people we are all sovereignly and divinely ordained. Yes…Even Judas.

And this is the same for you and I. This year God has orchestrated effectual doors of opportunity that will open before us to enter into both heavenly places and earthly opportunities. But we must overcome the fear of failure and release the unbelief to embrace great faith, count the cost and take responsibility for your destiny decisions, and walk through the open doors to gain both visual and physical access.

Now it’s important to note that in this life there are 2 kinds of people that we will meet on the road to destiny in this new season. Jesus did not walk alone. He had 12 helpers who promoted His destiny, they were destiny helpers and destiny killers and they both served a purpose.

Destiny helpers are people that have been positioned by heaven to make the journey of your destiny smooth. Of course we know that it is God that helps, He is the source of all help, however, He makes use of men as machinery for the delivery of these help on earth. They’re agents of change, transformation, elevation, enlargement, promotion and uncommon breakthrough.

Destiny destroyers are those who always wonder can anything good come out of your life? They say this with their mouth, their attitude and their actions. Destiny killers will always see the negative side of you and their job is to discourage your efforts. But they can be used “for the good” and that good is to move you from a place of complacency to a place of destiny.

You’re entrusted with power and granted authority to activate your commissioning to complete certain tasks, functions, or duties that no one else can do in this new season. But to reach our destiny we must honestly reflect upon who we are, know where we came from, plan for who we are called to become in the future and develop an intimacy that will weed out all unbelief that limits us. This is the discipline we must incorporate in order to accomplish the purposes of God. We must be determined to live life within God’s purposeful will. Pray this prayer with utmost faith that your divine destiny and the connections are settled in this new season.



Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for another day of your mercy and grace toward me. I lift up Your name to praise. I exalt Who You are, acknowledging your greatness and sovereignty over all things. I humbly and boldly come before you asking for the blessing of the open door to form in this new season.  Doors that were closed to me in the past, preventing my promises from coming forth, will no longer be barriers, but they open now as double doors of provision, so that I am able to enter in and go through to regain the time that was stolen. Circumstances can no longer hold me hostage. I pray that every obstacle, hindrance, or any form of opposition will fall at my feet. I ask for God Himself to grant me wisdom and divine revelation to solve every mystery and train my hands to worship and war in a new way. I decree that every door that is before me, both in Heaven and on earth, will swing wide open.Enlighten me on my path of purpose. Remove every thing and person that tries to bring limitation. Give me eyes that see beyond the natural into the divine supernatural. Enlighten the path of purpose that leads me to fulfill my destiny in Christ. Let me see a new door of hope and the expanse of every divine possibility that lies before me. Open the door of ears and eyes so that I may both see and hear the voice of my Shepherd. Help me receive and understand the revelation of how to walk in the fulfillment of my promises. Let the strength of my body be renewed so I can run as in the days of my youth. Give me a new realm of power and authority. Sickness and disease have no place in me. Grant me a sound mind and steadfast emotions so that I may conquer all fear and doubt. I shall excel in this season and nothing shall defile me.  In Jesus Name, Amen!

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