New Fruit

Scripture Reading: Exodus 14: 2-29

We have just completed the month of Elul, and entered into a new year on the ecclesiastical calendar. Today is the second day of “Tishrei”and we are still encouraged to take the position of repentance as we did in the month of Elul. And, following with some of the customs from the month of Elul the “shofar horn” is blown in this month as a sound for the call to repentance.

Another custom that is done at the ecclesiastical new year, we are to make “kiddush”(a celebratory dinner) on the eve of the second day of Rosh Hashanah, and eat of a “new fruit” (one that has not yet been eaten this season). You are to partake of the new fruit after the “kiddush” and then conclude with the “shehecheyanu’ blessing, which is a prayer praising God for granting us life, sustaining us, and bringing use to this new season.

What “new fruit” are you looking for God to produce in this new season/new year? Are you not sure of what needs to change in this season? But you know deep down in your heart that things need to be different. Well, the truth is we don’t always have a clear understanding of His plans for our lives. But, we can be sure no matter what obstruction the enemy throws our way, God is going to turn it around for our good. You didn’t think that the road would be easy did you? Our Father in heaven has been making testimonies out of test long before bread was made out of wheat. And, you are just another one of His miracles; you are the BLACK DIAMOND in the rough “a peculiar jewel”. The Father is cracking away your debris and leaving it as stumbling blocks for your enemy.

Enter into Prayer

I know that the enemy has locked in on you because of your purpose here on earth, and you have been suffering long enough. The enemy has declared a category 5 hurricane on you with winds up to 156 mph, and you are feeling like your life has been destroyed. But, I declare your storm is over the Father is pulling you from beneath the rumble and debris, and He is leaving your enemies to their own demise. Your new day is here! Just stretch out your arms to the Father and allow Him to carry you into your new year. The storm is over now in Jesus name Amen!

♦Contributed by: Sharessa Bass♦

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