Overflowing with Miracles, Deliverance and Power


“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left                                  over to share with others. –  2 Corinthians 9:8



Miracles are defined as a suspension or superseding of natural laws, and I personally have experienced many miracles. There is no doubt in my mind that God performs miracles to make Himself known to us or to draw us closer to him. But I had to ask myself; do I want overflowing miracles or overflowing blessings? Well, this was not a hard decision of course; overflowing blessings won out. Many people know that I have a giving heart, and many people would use that for their on selfish gain and reasons. Some people would withdraw money from me like I was an ATM machine, as they knew that I would give it — so they kept coming. However, no matter how much they used or tried to manipulate me, God still overflowed me with a harvest of blessings. But I had to wake up. I had to be delivered from being everyone’s ATM. I was forced to build up the strength to shut Norell’s ATM down and revert to taking deposits only. I have had to open my spiritual hears to hear when to give to those you are in need of the plenty that he has blessed me with. Now keep in mind this is not something that happen years ago. This is a recent enlightenment, so I am still in the deliverance stage. It’s not easy. But if I want God to keep overflowing me with blessings, I am going to have to trust Him thru this process and I know He will see me through this process.

I must say these last two years have been amazing! I have really experienced a magnificent harvest, but I also know He is not done with me. I have had to make some hard decisions these past few days, but I know it’s all part of the deliverance and process. My Father is giving me the power and the strength to embrace this new me and He is preparing me for the blessings that will overflow in my future.


God I come before you today for strength and for me to embrace the new me and not be afraid for who I am becoming. Father I am not perfect but I am willing and ready for this transformation I am ready for the deliverance I know I hold the key and all I need is to use it to unlock the door to that next level of blessing I am ready God and I trust you fully I know I will not take this journey alone and you will be there every step of the way. I am so thankful just to be where you are. In Jesus Name Amen.



“For Your Glory” – Tosha Cobbs

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Contributed by: Norell Porter

Norell raised in Ft. Lauderdale, is now a resident of Georgia. She is a dedicated wife, the dutiful mother of four children, and a successful entrepreneur of Family First Coding Specialists. She is a covenant partner of The Sanctuary and is our Minister of Giving. She is ambitious outgoing, and she takes great pleasure in giving and helping others succeed in life. If this devotional has fed your soul, please share with your friends and family. Click the social share button or leave a comment in the box below for Norell .


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