Peace Within Before the Win

Devotional Scripture
“Jesus answered and said to him, “What I do you do not realize now, but you will understand hereafter.” – John 13:7
Often we find ourselves constantly praying over a situation and have yet nothing has changed. After years of constant quarrels and arguments with no change, we tell ourselves people, situations and things will never change. That has been my story. I convinced myself that  it was them and I would be subject to these draining circumstances for the rest of my life. What I’ve learned over the past two years is that it was me that needed to change this whole time.
I realized that my  heart had hardened in these particular areas to not be affected any more in order for me to make decisions I hesitated to make. But after being rooted in God’s Word and through mentorship assignments, it was revealed to me that I was praying about others and not myself. And even though my heart longed for peace after all these years, I wasn’t at peace within myself. Here I was praying for God to change them so that I could live and feel better but the whole time it was my heart needed to change and my mind needed to  be transformed concerning the situations. Now after much heart work, here I am with a full understanding; I had to find the peace within to finally win over those circumstances that were causing me to lose.  
My prayers are being answered.
Thank You Father!

Contributed by – Kristina Cousar

Kristina Cousar is a woman of many talents. The NewYork native is a mother of 3 who has faced a lot challenges and road blocks but it made her stronger by becoming a Covenant Partner and a Mentee. Kristina has been able to put fear behind her and she is now a Certified Chef and that’s only the beginning. She desires to be an example not only to single mothers but to anyone who is feeling hopeless.

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