Press Toward The Mark

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

There is an appointed direction the Lord has for us to go towards. A huge issue with the Israelites in the desert is that they continued to go in circles. There was a destination the promise land yet they were wandering and not hitting the mark to enter in. In my study of the devotional passage I received a revelation that there is a specific direction indicated, it specifically stated in this verse “high” — the high calling. He is calling us up higher. He is calling us up, higher in our living, higher in our thinking, higher in our speaking and higher in our being.

There is a pressing through and aiming we need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us int. There is a directional arrow that is pointing us to higher. It is going to be higher then you thought you could ever go. It may look impossible in fact, it probably will look impossible. You see God doesn’t call us to do the possible but the impossible because in Him all things are possible. No matter how big the vision He has placed in your heart, no matter how far that target looks or how high up that arrow needs to fly, He knows the exact amount of pressure needed to get it to land right on the mark — Bullseye! But you have to press, believe and obey the instructions.

Prayer of Worship
Father I ask today you give us clear direction of the mark and high calling our lives. May we trust and lean not in our own understanding but in your Word and Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all truth. We press towards the mark with eyes fixed on high – In Jesus Name, Amen.

Enter into Worship
Norman Hutchinson – “Press Toward the Mark”

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