Seed Strength Breaking Forth in the New Year

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest…” Genesis 8:22

We have entered a year that will carry a double portion of true grace that will carry with it the Lord’s strength and power. It will be the year He will accomplish things that we are not able to do in our own strength. Last year we declared was our year to Breakthrough to a New Season, and we encountered many spirits that tried to thwart God’s plans. They tried you with wicked ways, and sought to steal, kill and destroy but God is saying prophetically in the midst of evil we will know only goodness, blessing, increase and victory! Why, because in this year our Lord has given us seed strength. He will make good on His seed of promises that began last year. In this season, there will be great birthing of callings, dreams and destiny purposes. What you have waited many years for you suddenly find yourself ready to birth. Some will give birth to an abundance of new things all at once in this New Year and will grace will be sufficient.

He will seat us in  Heavenly Places as we have come through the hard season and the Seed of the Word we heard we will speak with great skill and it will activate Kingdom manifestations. We will walk in unprecedented favor and grace as the Lord seal, solidify and secure what He began. It is especially true to those who have been diligent and faithful towards Him. We are entering a Divine Year where the triumph we experienced in the past year will make way for the seed of the Word to breakthrough to receive “the treasures of the darkness” they we passed through. Many Believers have gone thru discomfort and pain waiting for the birth but you must know that your concealment was necessary to mature all God will bring forth through you. He prepared you in humility and now your confinement is over. This is your time to rise and shine in all God has called you to, appointed you for and anointed you to accomplish. God’s Kingdom is breaking forth through you, and those around you will experience unexplainable, undefinable and undeniable glory! The triumph we experienced in that last season will carry forth into this New Year, oh what a glorious life of victory and praise awaits as we step through the gates of praise into year 2019.

To hear the teaching  from Pastor Yolanda that inspired this devotional, go here

The Year to Birth Seed



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