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He did it again Beloved; He woke us up so here we are. In the name of Jesus, I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts with you concerning letting go your feelings of being replaced. Often times depending on where we are in our journey there comes a time when we fear being replaced. Today I would like to remind you, that you cannot be replaced. God only created one of you and every single day you have the power to duplicate the goodness in you by teaching someone what you know from the perspective of growing them for the benefit of the whole; be it the marketplace, your house of worship or the community that you serve.   Beloved, it is important to understand that if you have been selected to fill a position someone qualified you. Every day is a new opportunity to show up even better and more effective in your assignment. At some point or another everyone has had the conversation in their head pondering whether they’re good enough right now and whether they will be replaced. This happens when we focus on our inadequacies instead of our God-given skills and talents. I am here to tell you today that if you trust yourself and you trust God, sharing your knowledge with someone you work with will benefit the team that you are on. As you duplicate the good in you, it releases you to go higher and to do more and to be more effective.

I recall a new co-worker over 15 years ago asking me what I was working on and asking what software I was using. I was baffled about the question because we had not been introduced and I was working hard to meet a deadline for the Department. He asked me if he purchased new software that he was recommending it would make my assignment easier, would I be willing to teach It to myself.  I answered yes, still not understanding why he was trying to help me. He then said, “knowledge unshared has no power.” That caused a paradigm shift in me and changed how I work from that day forward. TP was the new accounts manager in the organization.

Perhaps someone can take your position or be put in your position, but you cannot be replaced. There’s only one of you. God only designed one of you. There is plenty of work in the vineyard. We must begin to change our thinking — instead of thinking about how you will be replaced you must envision yourself pouring into someone so that you have someone you can trust to work with you to accomplish those things that you have been assigned.  Please remember everything that you have ever accomplished you did it with the assistance of someone else. If you share what you know, in integrity in kindness and in love the person that you share into will be better for life. No one can take the knowledge that you have from you, Beloved. May your confidence be the Lord that created you and not in man. Be blessed this day as you rethink how you’re going to show up and how you are going to work better. When you look around today you will know exactly who that person is you have been assigned to teach. Do it today. Renew your thinking and trust God. I send love from my heart place to yours!

Contributed by: Maira Hodge

Min. Maira is the Chief Intercessor of The Sanctuary. She has been a faithful covenant partner for four years. She is the devoted wife and mother of two beautiful and ambitious daughters. She is a career woman and also serves as a minister within her local fellowship in New York.


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