This Sanctuary is a pioneering ministry that is committed to advancing our Father’s Kingdom thru programs and ministries that upbuild His Kingdom here on earth. We cannot do this alone. If you wish to assist us in our Kingdom efforts, you can. You have the option to sow when you fellowship with us in person or complete the sowing form below to give through our secure payment system. As you sow we ask that you allow the Spirit of God to bear witness with your spirit, so that you’re giving will be done cheerfully and freely to your own measure. We believe that giving is a principle that if applied correctly will reap a harvest for the sower. Every seed that is received we pledge to be on good, fertile soil and will be allocated with integrity. Your sowing will reap a harvest!
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You also have the option to donate via CashApp. 

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If you desire to sow via mail, submit to:

The Sanctuary Ministries

280 Merchants Dr. PO Box 1553

Dallas, GA 30132-9998

Zelle is a secure way to sow directly from your banking app. You can use our email address, to sow through Zelle.

Giving is a Principle that Works!

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If you have questions or concerns,  you may reach us by phone (678) 883-2885 or email at

Giving Principles
Giving should be done cheerfully, willfully, sacrificially, proportionally and purposely! Here are some basic Biblical principles of giving that are simple and straightforward.