Stress Can’t Live Here Anymore

Devotional Scripture 
“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34
We all been there and some of us are still in this battlefield. To not worry is one of the hardest things to do with bill’s, kid’s, relationships, jobs, and family. Even looking at your own calendar will cause you to worry. Not to mention when life does a 360°and it’s out of your control, you find yourself trying to fix everything.
I am a living testimony to this! When someone would ask how I was doing I’ll say, “I’m okay, just taking it one day at a time,” but in reality, I really was worrying about things months ahead. No matter what I went through I had too much pride to ask, not knowing I was opening a door that would lead to other problems. I became really acquainted with “stress.” At 26, I was visiting my doctor for anxiety, after a thorough examination, she said to me I can either put you on a medication or you meditate, read your Bible. She basically offered self-care. 
I chose self-care. 
As time went on it got worse. 
I tried everything but reading my Bible. 
If you had given me this scripture a year ago, it would have gone over my head. I didn’t understand the Bible; I was all out of options. At least I thought I was. It wasn’t until I was at the end of my ropes, losing myself, God sent down my angels when I needed them the most. Because of what I was going through it led people to me who seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself. And because of them I’m here writing this devotional with a new understanding! 
Yes, life still happens but I don’t allow it to get the best of me anymore. 
I find more peace with My GOD than in this world. 
I don’t worry about tomorrow anymore. It’s not even here yet!
What I’m learning……you’re going to have to go through the storm. It’s never gonna be easy. Overthinking only makes it worse. Be patient You’re not perfect. Listen. Change the way you think. Be open minded. Open your heart. There’s something out here with your name on it. But most importantly, what He has for you won’t cause you to stress out!

Kristina Cousar is a woman of many talents. The New York native is a mother of 3 who has faced a lot challenges and road blocks but it made her stronger by becoming a Covenant Partner and a Mentee. Kristina has been able to put fear behind her and she is now a Certified Chef and that’s only the beginning. She desires to be an example not only to single mothers but to anyone who is feeling hopeless.
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