R. Woods

The Sanctuary has brought so much prospective to my life; the teachings; the love for God, women that don’t know each other that just want to learn more about God. It was like an answered prayer for me especially being a new convert. I was searching for more, I wanted to know about Jesus Christ, and I thought that I would try going to my local church Bible Study, I would get into conversations with my friend who has been a Christian for a long time, but that wasn’t enough. That same friend came across The Sanctuary and shared it with me… it was an answered prayer. God knew that going to my local church Bible Study would not be the right tool for me, I needed to get teaching fast and it had to real, transparent and down to earth teaching . God is so awesome; He knows just what we need to help us build relationship with him. With all this being said, this is The Sanctuary – real, transparent teaching. God knew I needed to be elevated quickly so that I can find my purpose and walk in alignment with him. The Sanctuary has brought clarity and helped me to come into myself. I now know what my purpose and I like I always say, I don’t need to be a Joyce Myers or Cindy Trimm, I just  need to be able to shape, mold and be a true disciple for Christ. Thank you, God, for aligning me with The Sanctuary for great teaching and togetherness.