S. Ford

I believe God sent this women in my life for many reasons; one of those being to help me find the person God has intended me to be. Through guiding me through my healing process, giving me daily words of wisdom and lastly committing herself to serving the Lord our God through sharing her own breakthrough and teachings of the Word of God.

In the last 6-7 months she has gone above and beyond with he mentorship program. Through her mentoring I’ve learned that it isn’t my Job to be superhuman, it’s not my place to be God for other, but instead it’s my job to truly let go of who I use to be so that I could be called to be who God has ordain me to be.

I am truly blessed to know her, to have a personal relationship with someone who is so passionate about know and understanding what God has called her to do. She has inspired me to become a better friend, daughter, sister, and someday mother and wife. For this I am honored that I get to share how she has helped me through my process of dealing with my past hurts so that I too could become Whole and holy for Gods plan.

Thank you!