M. Hodge

Praises be to our God the Father!

Ahh man, people! My 52-Day reflection with the guidance of Pastor Yolanda Douthit, has been the most honest, revealing, self-examination tool causing a major shift in my thinking about me and what the Father has planned for me and mine. It caused me to identify the places and reasons why I am where I am in my life today, be it my spiritual, mental, physical, financial or my social place in the Earth.

I began journaling my 52-day reflection on November 15, 2015. For the first time in my life, I had to look at areas of my life that I had become comfortable avoiding. For 52 days, each day I answered a question that caused me to really look at the choices I had made in life and to examine the stories I had been telling myself. Just this past week, Pastor Yolanda Douthit asked me to share my testimonial regarding the 52-day reflection. This past Wednesday on December 28, 2016 at work, I received a visitor from ACS that caused me to revisit one of my 52 days of reflection from last year. She came to inspect the program, and winded up ministering to me and did not even know it. She told me that it was time for me to “go up” from here. We decided that day, that I am going back to school. She said “enough is enough”. The Father has positioned me for excellence. I know it, everybody else knows it, but I have to take that leap of faith now! Too many blessings awaiting me had been going unclaimed for lack of action on my part. Today in Sunday service I was reminded by the word ministered that every miracle that Jesus Christ performed required some action from the person in need.

Last year in December 2015, it was on the Sanctuary prayer call that I learned of the power of paying down your mortgage by making one full payment towards the principle of the loan. I had heard this some where before. Now it was on the prayer line. One payment reduces about seven years off of the mortgage. I had presented the idea to my husband in the past but it wasn’t the time to do it then. This time he brought it up and we went forth and made the one time payment to our mortgage debt before the close of 2015.

In January 2016 we began the Daniel fast with the Sanctuary. I had never done a 21 day fast in my life. It was quite a challenge and a blessing. I realized 12 days into the fast that I needed to get serious about what the requirements were. Pastor Yolanda had provided all the participants with a manual including daily scriptures and instructions. With 10 days remaining in the fast, I decided to buckle down and get it done right. We started January 8 and ended January 29. On January 26 I went in for dental surgery to have 4 teeth extracted. It was something that I should have done long ago but did not based on fear. Something that happened to me at a dentist 8 years prior when I look back at my notes. I realized that I allowed that experience to stop me from what I needed to do.

In our 52 day assignment, one of the questions was “are you taking the time to take care of yourself?” I had already started by making my appointments for the dentist, for my women’s well check, and my dermatologist. On January 26, 2016, I had four teeth extracted. I felt no pain from the time they numbed me. Prior to the extractions, the same day I had a consultation to discuss my plans for restoring the teeth. The cost of the work was about $1,600.00. They put in an application for credit. I did not think I qualified, not realizing that the extra mortgage payment made in December catapulted our credit. While I was in surgery, the consultant came into the room and said we have good news. Not only have you been approved for the amount needed, you’ve been approved for double that amount. I knew that was a move of God.

On Sunday February 14th my daughter left on a 1 week trip hosted by the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for the annual Black College Tour. The interviewer asked me if I understood the position that my daughter was in. I answered yes. Understanding that when you give your children the foundation to succeed, it is not a surprise when others recognize it. Based on her High School career grade point average (4.+), there was no need for them to interview her. She visited college campuses in NC, GA, DC, TN, MD to begin to think about where she would like to study when she graduates from HS the following year. We did not have the money to pay the cost of the trip, but remained faithful. Not only was her payment waived, at the return of the trip she received a scholarship. Come on somebody. Won’t God do it?

On Monday February 15th I was not feeling well around 3:00 a.m. I woke up coughing really bad. I had not had a cold in about 10 years. I often say ” I don’t have time to get sick.” I ran to the bathroom feeling nausea. Before going to bed I had taken some cough medicine and I guess my body did not recognize it. I remember getting to the bathroom, and reaching to hold on to the wall. I heard a lot of noise and wondered what that was. Next I heard my husband, speaking loudly and I asked why he was so loud, not realizing that I had passed out. The loud crashing sound was me. Thank God I had no injuries. The blessing is that my husband had called out that night from work because he too was not feeling well. Who knows how long I would have been there, unattended. I thanked God for his presence and mercy. I got myself together, washed up and prayed, laid back down and woke up around 5:00 a.m. I got ready for work and proceeded with my day as if nothing had happened. I was baffled a little. Later that day, I got home early from work and saw the lights on in the front door. I was excited to be home early. When I got in the door I met my husband in a panic as water was flooding our basement. He asked me why this was happening to him. Even in that moment I began to encourage him. This is not happening to you. There is nothing you can do about this right now. I encouraged him to get ready for work. Worrying was not going to resolve the matter. In the morning when I went down to the basement to check on the flood, the water had completely receded. No water damage! People, no water damage. I praise God daily for His mercy upon us.

I have so many testimonies of God’s mercy and love. Do you know that with God there are no limits? No matter what station in life you are in, there is always room to build a relationship with God, to pray effectively and learn more about Him. The teachings I have experienced in the Sanctuary have been life changing. I pray that you get to experience it for yourself.

What I know is that my family and I have been blessed by the living breathing Sanctuary, There is something about being able to be in your own home, in your own space and just be free to worship and praise and receive the unadulterated word of God. I would encourage anyone; you have never experienced what you will experience in the Sanctuary. I just want to thank Pastor Yolanda for her vision, transparency and authenticity, Brother Montey, all of the intercessors that are on the calls, all the families represented. You can only be blessed. If you are obedient and come open with expectation. God shall show up. Know that God loves you and that He has more stored up for you in this season. Believe it and receive it, in Jesus’ mighty name!

People of God 2017 has arrived on purpose and you are here right now! Let’s get it!

Submitted in Love!