The Feasts

The Ingathering door 2020 has been cancelled because of COVID19. We will inform of 2021 Ingathering Plans shortly!

We Feasted, Fellowshiped & Grew!

We are grateful for those who are helped to make “The Ingathering” a resounding success. We were excited to gather the Covenant Partners of The Sanctuary Ministries, Friends of The Sanctuary and the Body of Christ to celebrate the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles. 2019 was surely a “Season of Joy.” This is the first time in The Sanctuary Ministries 7 year HIStory that all of our covenant partners in the various states were invited to gather in one location to celebrate the Holy Season,

We gathered from the four corners of the earth to take part in a day long life giving learning sessions for adults and children on the Biblical Feast.

Pastor Rosa Marion of Beauty for Ashes Ministry gave us the tools to be Dedicated and Committed to the assignment and our destiny.

Bro. Monte Douthit woke Zion up. He intricately and factually went through the Word to reveal just who Zion is and charged us to be act like who we are ordained to be. 

Min. Maira Hodge of Brooklyn, NY put our “Focus on the Family.” This powerful teaching ushered in new fresh ideas on how to bring the core of the fellowship back together and brought in a camaraderie and fellowship that had everyone on their feet laughing and connecting in new and exciting ways.

We feasted on a delicious down home breakfast and lunch made with love by Johnetta Smith and Zabrina Stokes. During lunch we had a surprise experience from Yo-Yo the legendary hip hop recording artist who stomped into the 90’s with Ice Cube, actress and teacher.

We ended with Pastor Yolanda Douthit leading us into a joy filled worship service that promoted growth and unity for the entire family. You don’t want to miss this experience in 2021. The fellowship and harmony that flowed with other like minded Believers brought a peace and harmony that is still being felt  today!

We hope that you join us in 2021 for this  EPIC and life giving event.