The Feasts

The Feast of Passover Symbolizes Sacrifice and Redemption.

Virtual Passover via The Sanctuary Virtual Tabernacle

We may not be able to gather together, but we can still be together for Passover!


MARCH 27, 2021 AT 12:00 pm eastern

We are following the example of our Messiah and partaking in the Passover Meal. Join us for a live, interactive Virtual Passover through the beauty of The Sanctuary Virtual Tabernacle. We will come together virtually from home to celebrate our freedom as a community and the sacrifice of our Paschal Lamb. Bring your own lamb, wine, and bread we will bring the WORD! Our Virtual Passover can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can even call from a landline. Join us for this sacred time in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Even though we will not be able to gather in person, The Douthit’s are still hosting The Passover, Virtually in The Sanctuary Virtual Tabernacle during our 7th Day Worship and Bible Education. We will gather on our website, teleconference bridge, and social media platforms, virtually. We encourage you to prepare a meal for your family and invite them into The Sanctuary to celebrate the new and spring beginnings of this redemptive season!



Covenant Partners, click here to gain more information on the true Passover Timeline, Passover Meal, and a Biblical way to decorate for this Holy Set Apart Season. You must be in covenant with The Sanctuary and registered as a covenant partner to access the Passover Information Portal.

Covenant Partners, please use the email and password you registered with upon joining The Sanctuary, if you do not remember your log-in information, please use forgot password link here.

We Feasted, Fellowship & Grew!

The Ingathering 2019, Charlotte, NC.