The Ingathering

Feast, Fellowship & Grow!

We are looking forward to the Fall Feast Season!
God ’s vision for humanity is to bring many children to glory. Understanding and appreciating this promise is one of God’s greatest gifts to us because it declares God’s great purpose to grant us eternal life. 
How can we comprehend this greatest of all human hopes more fully? 
Do you realize that God has set up a number of appointments with you to keep? These are called “holy convocations” or “sacred assemblies.” Christ knew that we can learn valuable lessons by meeting, fellowshipping and observing the Feast together. At The Ingathering we will feastfellowship​ ​and grow through activities and workshops that will bring to full understanding the “sacred assemblies” listed in detail in Leviticus 23. The book of John records that Christ and His brothers went to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles (Ingathering). (John 7:10-11; John 7:14)
 At The Sanctuary Ingathering, we’re looking forward to feasting on a delicious welcome breakfast and family style fellowship dinner to promote camaraderie, solidarity and love. We will grow by taking a look at what this festival means and why it’s so important to God that we observe it. We will also cover topics in our sessions such as: “Dedicated & Committed to the Kingdom” conducted by Pastor Rosa Marion of Beauty for Ashes Ministries in Charlotte, NC; “Rise & Shine Zion” conducted by Brother Monte Douthit of The Sanctuary Ministries; and “Family Focused” conducted by Minister Maira Hodge of Brooklyn, New York of The Sanctuary Ministries. These sessions are designed to promote spiritual growth and harmony in our spiritual and natural family. And we will conclude with an “The Ingathering Worship Experience” lead by Pastor Yolanda Douthit that will be filled with joy and celebration. We will also have a learning experiences for children and young adults from ages 4 – 17. See graphic for specific details.
You can register for this FREE event before October 4, 2019 to receive FREE information that will help you plan for this year’s Feast experience with your family in advance. This is a time that brings the entire family together and we hope that you bring them. The Ingathering will bond you with one another to worship together, expressing joy and gaining a sobering understanding of the why of what God is doing for us through His Feast! Don’t underestimate the significance of this festival in your life. You can begin to live God’s purpose for you today. Take this opportunity to be empowered by the Word of God and the special time set aside at the Feast of Ingathering. It’s an important step in living a life in harmony with God’s way as you prepare for eternal life. 
Peace and blessings,
The Douthit’s
If you are unable to “feast, fellowship and grow” with us but desire to donate ​and ​become a sponsor​, you have the opportunity. This momentous event is freely offered to the community to make this epic event accessible to all and your seed offering ​of any amount ​will help us make The Ingathering a resounding success. You ​are also able to​ submit fees and donate in advance for The Ingathering Fellowship Dinner that will be catered with a full delicious meal via our secure credit card payment form below; CashApp or PayPal. Please note exactly where your donation should be allocated.




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