The Sanctuary Institute

The Sanctuary Institute is a very unique learning institution that assists the Believer in adopting a strategic, intentional and holistic plan that directly impacts the culture of your community. We are committed to a training paradigm and educational model that prepares the Believer to enter the world thinking as Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), reasoning with other world views (Acts 17), persuading others to follow Christ (Acts 17), and thinking, writing and speaking critically and intelligently.

Covenant students attending The Sanctuary Institute will leave secure with the knowledge that the key to building a Kingdom School rests in developing an intentional plan that includes:

• Commitment to the Kingdom Education philosophy of education in all areas of the school.
• Defining a Kingdom-focused culture.
• Intentionally promoting a Kingdom-focused culture.

The Sanctuary Institute is authentically devoted to the Most High, faith and academic excellence. They are mutually reinforcing. There are not two or three forms of excellence, but rather an ethos that is cultivated throughout every facet of our institute. Faith is not separated from learning but rather integrated intentionally resulting in a distinctive Believers worldview. Scholarship and learning become integral components to the maturation process known as discipleship. Thus, becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, the ultimate objective of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) is the prize for which we strive—it is the highest form of excellence! It is conceivable that we produce students with the spiritual depth needed to enter our pluralistic society and not fall prey to empty philosophies, but enter the marketplace God has called them to with confidence, purpose and an eternal perspective.

These classes are designed for The Sanctuary Covenant partner. They are designed to provide clear-cut strategy to empower with in-depth Biblical material that will train as well as, expound on the importance of evangelism, worldly detachment and total obedience by being submitted to Christ in Spirit and Truth. You must be in covenant with the ministry to participate in these equipping classes. You are interested in joining this ground breaking ministry, click here.

Covenant Equipping Class

TOPIC - Building A Strong Family

The Especially Designed Family Leadership Development Plan Created by Pastor Yolanda Kelty Douthit


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Natosha S.

"First I want to say Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge in such a way that has made this so simple I cant believe I have been letting this intimidate me in a way that has kept me from doing what I know God has put in my heart. The way you broke every part down and took your time to make sure EVERY student in the class received a full understanding of the information. I've been invited to other classes and there was always a time limit and limit on the content. None of that was the case with your class Dr.Douthit. Thank you for giving and sharing so freely of yourself. This is the true definition of teaching a man to fish." 

Robin. H

"I attended 3 sessions on the DIY Website Design and Graphic course with Professor Yolanda, let me just say I gained so much insight on how easy it is and what I can do to build my very own website and design my graphics. She walked us through all the different options that we could use and provided guidance as we built our pages. It was hands on and we had the capabilities to present our screens to her and she was able to view our work, and she helped us when we got stuck. I know that I would not have received this much detailed information, tidbits or guidance if I had paid some astronomical fee to sit in a structured class at an University. If you do the homework and are committed to really learning, the knowledge she is sharing comes from her very own trial and error and she has perfected her craft in this space. When you finish you will succeed!"