DIY Website and Graphic Design #2

Do you desire to build skill sets that will add value to your business, brand, side hustle and professional portfolio? Web & Graphic Design is in high demand and Pastor, Mentor, Teacher and Professor Yolanda Douthit has prepared courses to harness your creativity and gain invaluable training through a web building & design course.
In these lessons she’ll share her self-taught skills to successfully build websites, blogs, and create professional graphics. These skills she harnessed from 3 years of building and maintaining the website for her family businesses and ministry as well as creating all social media and events graphics for business and The Sanctuary Ministries and Beauty for Ashes Ministry.You’ll get the same powerful user friendly tools to create your own site and blog. Each course will instill integral principles and industry tools so that you can pursue and build strong skills that will produce success.

See below for more information and requirements for each course


Learn how to create attractive, sophisticated blogs and websites—without any coding! The platform used to create your website is the world’s most popular website publisher and it is an easy-to-use solution that will help you put your site on the Web in far less time than by coding, and at a much lower cost than hiring a professional.

In these lessons, you’ll get hands-on experience with this powerful tool as you create your own site and blog. You’ll find out how to use this platform to create pages and posts, add images and videos, change a site’s look and feel, and include user-friendly features. You’ll discover the ease of using over design themes to express your creativity.

In addition to mastering the technical elements of building your site, you’ll learn how to create appealing professional graphics. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently use both the website and graphic platforms to create a site and graphics for personal, business, or organizational use.

Both platforms used in class requires a free subscribing account, this means it is totally free with no obligation to create a domain, to host the domain or create graphics. The account will be used as a private place on the Web for practice as Professor Yolanda’s teaches the class. However, if you choose to use these platforms, you will have the option to subscribe to a paid account.


  • This is not a beginners course, student must have a intermediate or advance comprehensive and working knowledge of computers and the internet.
  • Access to a computer and the Internet are required during class.
  • Must be able to be in the Virtual classroom on video (phone access only is not acceptable) while accessing the website and graphics platform.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall principles of user experience design
  • Use copyright best practices for web design
  • Create designs using a graphic software
  • Implement best practices for page layout and color principles on a website
  • Provide syllabus with curriculum and study guide that must be downloaded for quick reference.

Website Creation

These courses provide you the opportunity to create your own functional website as part of the final project. This work sample will instill integral principles and industry tools so that you can pursue and build strong skills that will produce success.

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