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  1. Die to self


“Every high priest is selected from among the people and is appointed to represent the people in matters related to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins.  He is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray, since he himself is subject to weakness.  This is why he has to offer sacrifices for his own sins, as well as for the sins of the people. And, no one takes this honor on himself, but he receives it when called by God, just as Aaron was.  In the same way, Christ did not take on himself the glory of becoming a high priest. But, God said to him, “You are my Son;  today I have become your Father.” Hebrew 5: 1-5

Often we say, God make me more like You, I want Your will to be done, or my favorite “less of me and more of You”. However, what does this really mean to us? Are we really willing to allow God’s will to be done in our lives, and if we are, are we willing to take a back seat?  If we are going to allow God’s Glory to show up and show out in our lives, it has to be none of us, and all of Him. Keep in mind, until a seed falls onto the earth and dies, it will continue to be only a seed that bares no fruit. Therefore, until we die to our own selfish will, we will never bare the fruit of the spirit of God.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”declares the Lord“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9) So, because of Your Word Father, we thank You for being far above us and knowing what is best for Your children. So, today we admit that we are all searching for our God giving purpose and asking for Your will to be done. And, I prayer that as we are all seeking for You to reveal Your will for our lives, that You will also bring us to a place of acceptance.

Father I pray this prayer IN Your Name, Amen.


Sharessa is the CEO of The Real Me Foundation. She is a devoted mother of 5, originally from Whiteville NC and is one of 7 siblings. She is a faithful covenant member of The Sanctuary, and is passionate about sharing her faith in a very real way. If this devotional has fed your soul, please share with your friends and family. Click the social share button or leave a comment in the box below for Sharessa.

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