Your Recovery is Here

Greetings Beloved!

I am excited to share my thoughts today concerning ” Loss and Recovery.”  I encourage you to get excited when you “recognize” trouble heading your way. This means we will need to renew our thinking starting right now. We all know that feeling, amen, of trouble on the way. Yes, I said get excited; not about the trouble itself but about the blessed outcome that the Father has, already waiting for you “IF” you believe.  

Loss and recovery  is something we are all too familiar with.  At some point in life you have experienced or will experience a loss; be it of a loved one, of material possessions, a job, your identity, friendships, money, your self-esteem, your mobility or something special to you, perhaps even your mental state or condition. The list is endless. Beloved, you are not alone. Be encouraged that no matter what the loss,  Amen, there is a ‘re-covering” assigned to your loss with a lesson for you to apply at an appointed time that will bless you and someone else for the purpose of glorifying God. Whew! Double for your trouble.
Every loss that you experience is to equip you with specific knowledge to help someone else who will go through what you’ve been through. The Holy Bible is filled with persons who experienced loss and then received the blessing of divine recovery!

(1) Joseph experienced loss because of his dreams of ruling over his family; dreams misinterpreted by his brothers targeting him for death, but God was  divinely positioning him to save Israel out of slavery. Don’t you know the Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all of Egypt, putting his own signet ring on Joseph’s finger adorning him with his fine linen and a gold chain. What!? Yessss. The very people that you do not identify often possess access to your successes through favor.

(2) Job lost fortunes and because of his loyalty, perseverance, faithfulness and patience was delivered and received double what he started with. God is a multiplier. Beloved we must press forward even when we don’t understand what is happening to us.

(3) Moses was insecure in his identity, uncooperative, unwilling to do what God called him to do, filled with excuses for “why not.”  God used him. He will use you.

So Beloved I need you to process this right now, this day, this hour, this moment. The Father has already equipped you and “re-covered” you.  You are re-stored, equipped, filled back up, spilling over. I charge you to pay attention today all around you and recognize what the Father is positioning you for. Fear not beloved. It’s your time to shine with the light of the most high.

I send you love from my heart-place where God resides to your heart-place where God resides. Amen! 💝💝💝

Contributed by: Maira Hodge

Min. Maira is the Chief Intercessor of The Sanctuary. She has been a faithful covenant partner for four years. She is the devoted wife and mother of two beautiful and ambitious daughters. She is a career woman and also serves as a minister within her local fellowship in New York.


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