The Sanctuary is a very unique place. It was birthed out of Pastor Yolanda in 2011 at a time when all she felt was pain and in need of a place of refuge to gain real truth, wisdom, and knowledge. And the same truth, wisdom, and knowledge that freed her are freely given in a very exceptional way. The Sanctuary has met in fellowship virtually since 2011. Pastor Yolanda was on the cutting edge of worship. She had the vision to bring believers to worship in Spirit and in Truth virtually well before it was popular. To join her in the Virtual Tabernacle all you needed was a computer, phone, or mobile device to meet with us virtually via our website or social media.  Pastor Yolanda and covenant partners from North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and New York have met in the Virtual Tabernacle to fellowship, grow, and learn since 2011. And she is still in position today, teaching and prophetically preaching God's Word with passion and zeal. Any place at any time can be your refuge. You can join thru your desktop, tablet, or phone. You can also listen to a teaching from Pastor Yolanda on our YouTube Channel. When you enter The Tabernacle you’ll be able to interact with Elder Monte, Pastor Yolanda, and covenant partners from New York to Georgia via video or phone. It’s easy and convenient but most importantly it’s uplifting and inspiring and it gives life, abundantly. Enter into The Virtual Tabernacle during one of our scheduled worship services for an interactive experience thru your computer, or mobile device (phone, tablet, or iPad). We promise you will leave The Sanctuary empowered, equipped, knowing how to worship in Spirit and Truth.
Prayer is the anchor of this ministry. We believe that prayer certainly changes things, but importantly it changes us.
Our 5 am Mindful Meditations every Monday and Wednesday, will inspire you on your daily walk with God. It's real-life relatable perspectives that will empower you.
Good Ground
We teach that giving should be done cheerfully, willfully, sacrificially, proportionally, and purposely onto Good Ground like The Sanctuary that produces a great harvest.
Bible Study
Our Bible Study is an in-depth look at God's Word. We diligently seek His Wisdom and apply it to our daily lives to do Bible things the Bible way.
We worship God in Spirit and in Truth. We have created a community that is united in fellowship, love, and support.

The Sanctuary Stockroom is open and we are offering tees and tanks that are designed especially from Pastor Yolanda's teachings and catchy wisdom! The bold letters and design cause the meaningful message to stand out. Check out inventory.

Sanctuary Stockroom

Prolific and Dynamic Teacher

Pastor Yolanda Douthit is an authentic and powerful vessel of knowledge who is passionate about teaching and living in divine truth. She relies not on human wisdom but on what she has learned as a student of the word and what she hears from the spirit. And when she teaches in our Tabernacle, the prolific, persuasive, and impactful lessons appeal to many from all walks of life. Learn more about our founder here, and then take a moment to listen to transformative teaching from Pastor Yolanda.  You can find more of her teaching on our YouTube Channel.

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Yolanda Douthit founded “The Sanctuary” in 2008 after the passing of her beloved father, Rev. Marvin N. Kelty, and her aunt, Pastor Barbara J. Cameron. After their untimely passing four months apart, she was distraught with grief and was empty; seeking direction and healing as they both were very influential forces in her life.  She was a member of a local church, but it was not providing the salve to heal her wounded soul. She desperately sought out a place where she could find comfort and relief from the pain of her loss. And although she was raised in the church and was a PK, “preacher’s kid”, the traditional church setting was not what was required to heal her heart. She desired something different to reach her weary and dying soul.

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